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Victus Group Launches its Customised School Catering Delivery Service

High quality on demand catering services to schools and camp providers without kitchen facilities commence in March 2021.

Victus Group Asia (“Victus”) it launching its latest subsidiary Victus Catering Delivery to service our educational clients whose facilities do not have kitchens with remote food preparation, delivered fresh daily.

Victus Catering - already the caterer of choice at Singapore’s leading international schools.

We offer fresh, healthy and delicious snacks, fruit, drinks, main meals and desserts, freshly prepared by our skilled teams every day. Our menus draw from Asian and Western cuisines, and we offer vegetarian and allergen-free menu options as well.

We pack our meals every morning, straight from the oven, pan or kitchen table. Our trusted delivery drivers then promptly deliver our products to your location, ready for you to tuck in to and enjoy! We will aim to gain a strong understanding your school’s operational, pastoral and pedagogical needs, as well as your community’s demographics and pricing requirements.

We will use this information to help us plan a solution that meets your community’s expectations. By taking into account these needs and preferences, we ensure that the menus offered are attractive and priced appropriately, therefore ensuring high satisfaction and uptake, and reducing waste.

The Victus team devises a customised menu and adapted to your curriculum and pedagogical preferences where possible - for example, if you embrace family-style dining and communal interaction, we can pack meals in large trays, to be dished out to a group. On the other hand, if your operational situation requires meals to be eaten in classrooms, we can individually pack and label meal boxes in disposable packaging.

Your pricing and sustainability needs will further determine our choice of packaging. We can source a variety of packaging - where pricing allows, we aim to pack all of our deliveries in sustainable, waste-minimising material, avoiding single-use plastics.

Victus Catering encourages healthy eating with a wide range of choice of healthy, balanced dishes which appeal to the students.

Isabelle Berman, CEO, Victus Group said;: “At the Victus Group we always seek to provide tailor-made catering solutions for our partners. Our new school meal delivery service, allows our partners to focus on their core business: education, whilst offering craft meal options to suit their stakeholders. We look forward to implementing our catering ethos, offering nutritious and seasonal menu options cooked by our highly skilled team of chefs.”

Victus Catering Delivery is already working closely with Primus School House, Lorna Whiston and The Mindful Camp.


About Victus Catering

Fresh, healthy and delicious: that is our passion. Victus Catering is a Victus Group brand, specialising in the provision of food services to international and independent schools. We value creating experiences with and for the community, and focus on creating a holistic catering provision for community stakeholders.

Learn more about Victus Catering on their website, or their Facebook or Instagram pages.


About Victus Group

Victus Group is a Singapore-based food solutions company, founded in 2016. Backed by decades of experience in restaurant management, development and education. Victus Group operates in the high-growth education and lifestyle sectors in Singapore and the United Kingdom, through the Victus Catering, The Masons Table, and The Cooking Club brands. Founded to redefine the food and beverage industry with authentic solutions, the company has grown commensurably with its efforts, translating into significant annual growth within its verticals.

Victus Group is currently embarking on the next phase of its growth, with their new brand Victus Catering Delivery, servicing Singapore schools and camps with daily catering.

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