Victus Group Asia is a Singapore-based food solutions company, founded in 2016 by four partners. Backed by decades of experience in restaurant management, development and education, Victus Group Asia operates in the high-growth education and lifestyle sectors in Singapore, with a track record of success across Asia.

Our strategically integrated businesses encompass diverse elements within the food, education and leisure sectors, achieving a unique blend of intrinsically linked yet economically independent activities. Each element of the group has its own business case and combined, each business unit is stronger by resting on the group’s collective knowledge and expertise, and supports further opportunities outside the regular scope of business.

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Our mission is to redefine our relationship with food through education and community building, and to connect people through a shared lifelong passion for food.



The Victus partners are experts who have influenced and impacted Singapore’s F&B scene, combining 5 decades of experience to manage, create and develop concepts and, very uniquely, cultivate a sense of community.

However, the Victus story is not based on one person, one quality, or one approach. Our success stems from our guiding philosophy of flexibility and authenticity, which drives us to create innovative and valuable solutions, tailored to the specific needs and demands of our partners and stakeholders.


Being privately held, our commitment to excellence in our businesses is second to none. As an organisation, we are flexible and responsive, and value our mutually beneficial partnerships greatly.

We focus on delivering solutions for all of our stakeholders, leveraging all assets and expertise to increase financial and ‘soft’ value. Our envisioned full circle offering combines food education and catering to deliver an inimitable, COVID-secure and forward-thinking innovative one-stop solution for partners in South East Asia, the UK, and around the world.







Our company is founded by four business partners, with a shared vision and long term working relationship.

Victus opens Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria, a fast-casual restaurant in Singapore. It is an immediate hit with Singapore's expatriate community.

Super Chef at Camp Asia becomes a Victus business, delivered in partnership with Cognita Schools.


The group's businesses grow strongly, and the partners additionally participate in a number of high-profile consultancies across the South East Asia region. The group attracts attention from the media and prospective investors.

Towards the end of the year, the group's catering division, Victus Catering, wins its first competitive school catering tender in Singapore, and prepares to commence operations the following January.


Victus Catering commences operation, and immediately attracts interest from other international schools in Singapore. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) selects Victus Catering over the incumbent multinational service provider, and this commences at the start of the 2018-19 academic year. 

The group's first restaurant in the city, The Masons Table, opens in late 2018, in the historic and storied Freemasons Hall of Singapore. The restaurant immediately makes an impression, and becomes known as a perfect venue for events and weddings.


Victus Catering joins its second and third communities, at Nexus International School (Singapore) and Dover Court International School, bringing high quality catering to more schools in Singapore.


The Masons Table continues to gain traction, attracting a number of local and international events. The group transforms Jaxs Bistro & Pizzeria into a virtual brand to refocus its efforts in the F&B market.


At the start of the year, the group begins preparing for its internationalisation, selecting the United Kingdom as its first international market, and its cookery camps as the first international product.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the group weathers the storm, and continues steadfastly in its growth and development, onboarding clients in Singapore and the UK.

In Singapore, a fourth Victus Catering contract is signed with India's SOBHA Group to provide services to the new North London Collegiate School (Singapore). In the United Kingdom, lucrative contracts for holiday cookery camps are signed with leading childcare providers operating across England, in preparation for a 2021 launch.


The group commenced its UK operation in the summer of 2021, with four fully-booked The Cooking Club camps taking place across southern England in partnership with Activate Camps, the UK's leading provider of active and inspiring childcare.

In Singapore, the company is continuing to focus on post-pandemic recovery and is gearing up for future growth...



More exciting news for the Group to come


We are seeking likeminded partners, backers and investors to help us continue growing, unlock our full potential, and achieve our aim of redefining our future with food, both in Singapore/South East Asia, and the United Kingdom.