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Victus Catering creates bespoke catering experiences for our school communities. We are passionate about healthy eating and doing things the right way for our stakeholders.


Our school catering division, Victus Catering, has positively disrupted Singapore’s competitive yet underserved catering market. Founded to break the mould by competing in a market that is monopolised by global canteen services providers, we are redefining the school catering landscape, bringing an exciting, engaging and educational approach in how we deliver our food solutions, and offering a uniquely holistic F&B proposition.


Applying our insight and expertise in F&B to food service in education has allowed us to forge a new standard in reliability and quality. Instead of one-size- fits-all templates, we truly tailor our solutions to our partners’ (and their stakeholders’) exact requirements.

We believe that our values and foundation embody the philosophy & needs in providing school meals and fulfilling the demands of parents & educators alike. We know it is important to build a relationship within the school's community and get involved in all school events. We encourage students with the development of life long healthy eating habits.



Uncompromising on quality and nutrition, our food is homemade with love by our dedicated on-site teams. Our menus focus on key elements of what children enjoy, while giving them enough variety to explore an international palate of different cuisines. The use of high fibre, less processed carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats for brain development is factored into the creation and cooking of each and every meal!

Victus Catering food
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Being privately held, our commitment to excellence in our businesses is second to none. As an organisation, we are flexible and responsive, and value our mutually beneficial partnerships greatly.

Within our team is years of invaluable experience and knowledge, from feeding children and teaching them how to cook!


We are quickly becoming a unique selling point as well as an integral part of our partner institutions.


We bring a rare and unique set of complementary products, skillsets and industry insight to our partners, and have the proven ability to deliver integrated solutions centred around food, such as one-stop catering and cookery education solutions.



Victus Catering continues to seek opportunities to expand. The group's appetite to make waves within the industry led us to take three major school catering contracts from blue chip global food service providers in the space of nine months, and ever since, our holistic, authentic approach to catering has reinforced Victus’ reputation for great service and passion for food.

Our catering kitchens are increasingly being chosen to supply food and other goods on a vendor basis to clients across Singapore, and further contracts for school catering are currently being negotiated in the Singapore market.

We always welcome approaches for our services, and furthermore are seeking opportunities to expand our successful brand to international schools in other Asian markets. As we tailor our solutions to our specific partner's needs, we do not look for anything specific, and consider each opportunity on a case-by-case basis.


Do you have a lead or opportunity for us? Please get in touch today!

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